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Demolition Services     *~* No job too big or small *~*

~ Interior & Exterior ~ Homes ~ Dormers ~ Garages ~ Sheads ~ Stores ~ Buildings ~ Trailers ~ Decks ~ Pools ~ Patios ~ Driveyways ~ Curbs ~ Sidewalks ~ Masonry ~ Foundations ~ Bathrooms ~ Flooring ~ Kitchens ~ Walls ~ Ceilings ~ Chimneys ~ Fireplaces ~ Anything you may need demolished.  *~* A few examples are listed below *~* 

Simple Demolitions

Top Left/Right: We can remove anything from a simple Deck or Swing-set in just a few hours without damaging any surroundings.

House Demolition

Top Left/Right: We do total home demolitions whether you need the foundations saved or not... we can get the job done professionally and safely.

Foundation Demolition

Top Left/Right: Were capable of complete removal of foundations to saving your foundation,  either way its a simple and safe task.

Pool Demolition

Top Left/Right: Removal of pools is a task Bouhouris Inc can cover no matter how tight the area is, we get the job done right.

Hand Demolition

Top Left/Right: Demolition of houses by hand is another service we offer.