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Foundation Services    *~* No job too big or small *~*

All Pictures:  Footings and Basements of any size,shape,curve you name it.  


All Pictures:  Buildings,retaining walls,basements,1st floors,2nd floors,3rd floors, Hey Entire homes. All exterior walls,Floors,roofs can be constructed using our environmentaly friendly forms (Insulated Concrete Forms). For complete details,Specs,  go to our contact us page and contact our office, or go to our trusted links page and click a direct link to the Insulated Concrete Form your interested in. 

All Pictures: Only want to use Insulated Concrete Forms for parts of your construction, No problem!!! Conventional wood framing works together with our product, hand and hand. Big projects, to small extentions Insulated Concrete forms are always benificial to you and most important environmentaly friendly.

Top Left/Right:  Smalll extension, step footing (example).  Small Extension with sub-floor installed.

Top Left/Right/All: Concrete slabs are installed and finished just as traditional fondation slabs would be. Once your Insulated Concrete Form house is poured and cured, the entire inside of your house is already insulated  to aprox. an R-50 value and all Insulated Formed areas are also framed because the product is constructed with thick plastic strips 16" on center. So all that needs to be done is, hot knife your plumbing,electric,etc... into the Insulated Concrete Formed walls & then screw your sheetrock on. !!! GREAT SAVINGS !!! of money and time.